Thank you and Farewell from Doberman Rescue of North Carolina

Although the rescue operated on an informal basis for a number of years, it was incorporated in July 2003 and received 501c3 status shortly thereafter. In all, 298 Dobermans have passed through the rescue on their way to a better life with their adoptive forever homes. But today, sadly, we announce that DRNC is officially closing its doors. From the beginning, we chose to not operate a traditional kennel facility. Instead, the Dobermans in our rescue program are placed in foster homes - living as members of their foster’s family, and receiving the medical and emotional care they needed as we waited to find that right home. To all of the foster homes who gave so much of their time, and energy, and money, we thank you for the love you showed each dog in your charge.

We dedicated ourselves to rescuing Dobermans because we have an undying love for the breed, and we strove to save as many homeless Dobes as possible. Our foster homes worked tirelessly toward that goal. But the number of dogs we are able to save was directly dependent on public support by caring individuals who shared our love for Dobermans. To all of you who donated money, or provided transport, or gave us items like crates and bedding, we thank you for stepping up to help us help the Dobermans in need.

No rescue can save dogs without adoptive homes. Time and again we marveled at the love and dedication each family gave their new “babies”, especially those dogs who’d been battered by life, or whose muzzle was covered in gray, or the dogs with special needs, the dogs no one else would give a second glance. Each and every adopter will always have a special place in our hearts for opening your hearts and your homes to these amazing dogs. Thank you for giving a most deserving, living creature a second chance.

Without the triple threat of foster families buying time for their charges, public donations (no matter how small), and adopters who are willing to give a special Doberman a second chance at a life of love and "belonging", DRNC could not have been successful. But in addition, I personally must name a friend who gave me the greatest gift one person can give another - a passion, a purpose in life. Ellen Berry took on a wet-behind-the-ears newbie, and spent countless hours of her time mentoring me in the world of dog rescue. The highs were heady, but she kept me grounded. The lows were devastating, but she kept me moving forward so I could find the strength to pick myself up and help the next dog. She held me while I sobbed as a foster dog drove away with their new family. She patiently reined me in when I was getting too far afield. Saying thank you here doesn’t seem adequate, but you do have my most heartfelt thanks, Ellen. Always.

As we say goodbye, please know that there are many other Doberman rescues out there who need your donations, your volunteer hours, and adoptive homes. We all hope you will reach out to them, just as you did for us and help them continue the work of saving one Doberman at a time.

Leslie Bird Nuccio

Doberman Rescue of NC, Inc.

PO Box 91421

Raleigh, NC  27675

EIN:  20-0079298